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The initial setup of an aquariums will change over time because of plant growth or invasive mosses and algae. To maintain the natural beauty of the aquarium, we need proper care, care and maintenance.

Need to care, care and maintain the aquarium properly

For new tank setup

During the first month after installation, it is the most difficult time for players because: the water environment is not stable. Plants, fish and other aquatic organisms have not yet adapted to the new water. The nutrition in the tank is not balanced…

This is the time when mosses and algae are easy to growth, trees and fish can die easily and stress for new players. However, those disadvantages can be completely solved in a number of ways as follows:

  • The filter must operate 24/7 to remove dirt and help microorganisms grow as the basis for the later water purification process. Besides, the water flow created by the filter also helps some aquatic plants whish love flowing water to grow well.
  • Light: The total times to provide light for the aquarium should not exceed 12 hours/day (minimum 8 hours/day). The first week should reduce the light to 50% of the total lighting capacity of the tank. In the second week, gradually increase the light intensity. This helps aquatic plants gradually adapt to the new tank environment and easily root into the tank substrate. Besides, the new tank often has excess nutrients, if the light is strong, the moss will overgrow causing the aquarium to quickly degrade.
  • Water change: water change will helps removing excess nutrients in the new tank and make the water cleaner.

For tanks that are in stable operation

  • Light: Should divide the lighting time into 2 phases of the day (but still ensure the total lighting time) to prevent harmful algae growth. You should use a timer for the aquarium's lighting system.
  • Nutrition: A stable operating tank does not mean that we do not need to supplement nutrients for aquatic plants. In order for the trees to be beautifully and be less sick, players should regularly monitor to detect signs of a lack of nutrients in order to make a reasonable supplement.
  • Water changes should also be carried out regularly to ensure clean water. Each water change should not exceed 50% of the total water in the tank.
  • Trimming plants: When aquatic plants have grown stably, trimming helps the plant to have a more beautiful shape.
  • Feeding fish should pay attention not to overfeed, avoid making excess food in the tank. The food of aquatic fish is usually industrial food containing a lot of protein, when decomposed in the tank, it is easy to change the water environment, make the water cloudy and cause fish diseases. For fish raised in aquariums, only need to feed 1-2 times/day. If there is leftover food in the tank, it should be removed immediately.

Translated by Son Nguyen

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