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Specimens are known for their bright honey golden bodies and sometime with a touch of red on their fringes. This strain has no more than 3 colors in its entire color scheme: orange-yellow, red, and a touch of white. For the enthusiast that wants to have a full array of specimens in their tank, this strain may be a good fit.

Smooth bold colors resemble a sunset on the beach. These fish have brushstrokes of white resembling clouds in the sky on a warm beach evening. With hints reds accenting their outer edges, glimmering effortlessly as they glide in your tank. A excellent contrast to your other discus with dense patterns. The specimens have three colors yellow orange red with a touch of white. Their most interesting characteristic is there dense red colored eyes. Their beauty is in there simplicity which make them all the more unique. Please let us know how many of these you would like to add to your aquarium.