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The Albino Silver Arowana has translucent red eyes and has very strong white blend with yellow and orange coloration making them more attractive and desirable as compared to the normal Silver Arowana, which is more pale white with dark eyes. 

The Albino Silver Arowana or Osteoglossum bicirrhosum is part of the Osteoglossidae family. This is by far the most popular Arowana species in the fish keeping hobby. These freshwater fish are top swimmers and are commonly known as jumpers because when they reach adulthood they can stretch their long four feet bodies out of the water over 3 feet to catch dinner. A tightly secured cover is required as the AB Silver Arowana is known to jump. These carnivorous fish love a meaty diet consisting of shrimp, tilapia, jumbo bloodworms, and even carnivore pellets. In the wild, they can catch small fish and insects. These natural carnivores are known to eat practically any creature it can fit into its mouth. These fish may be placed in an aquarium in a group if introduced at the same time. Sometimes they claim territory over the tank and any new Arowanas might be bullied if they are smaller in size.