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  • Hole in the Bottom Center Allows Plant Roots to Reach Substrate
  • Works in Bare Bottom Tanks
  • Keeps Fish From Digging Up Plants

These planters great for setting up an easy aquascape. They allow you to move the plants as often as you want and keeps fish from digging up your plants. They are especially great for goldfish and African cichlid tanks. 


Decoration: 5.25 in L x 3.75 in W x 3 in H
Plant hole: 2 in diameter x 3 in deep

Recommended for:

  • Anubias
  • Ferns
  • Cryptocoryne plants
  • Grass-like plants (like dwarf sagittaria and vallisneria)
  • Bulb plants

Not recommended for:

  • Mosses
  • Carpeting plants (with tiny leaves and weak roots)
  • Floating plants
  • Large sword plants
  • Stem plants


  • Rinse the decoration in water (without soap) before using.
  • To keep the plant well-fed, place a root tab in the rock wool, either by 1) pushing it down the hole at the top of the rock wool or 2) opening the rock wool in half and placing the root tab at the bottom of the rock wool.
  • Once the root tab is inserted, put the plant with its plastic basket in the center of the Easy Planter and place the Easy Planter in the aquarium.

Watch this demo video to see how it's done.