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The Altum Angel is a wild fish from the rivers of Colombia, South America. This fish is really rare in the wild compared to other freshwater angelfish, first identified by Dr. Axelrod as Pterophyllum scalare altum. This species was later re-identified as Pterophyllum altum. The Altum Angelfish can be identified by the silver vertical brown stripes on the body. The fins are slender and long, extending most of the body of the fish. This is the most beautiful of the angelfish.
Altum Angel needs a glass tank with a minimum capacity of 30 gallons of water, with soft, acidic water. Rocks and driftwood can be added to the tank, but need to leave space for the fish to swim freely.

Altum Angelfish

When raising Altum Angelfish, you need to feed them a full range of different foods including plants, vegetables, and meats.
- How to identify the Egyptian Altum-Peruvian Altum and the 3 stripes:

+ Egyptian angelfish
- The most special feature is the Egyptian angelfish with a size of up to 6 inches, the largest of the angelfish species.
- The fins are stretched, the longitudinal stripes are bold and close together (closeness between the lines), the size of the black bars is also uniform and larger than other angelfish. (This point is not very accurate, when the fish reaches a large size, you can see it quite more accurate)

- Standing fin close to 90 Degree
- The mouth of the Egyptian angelfish has a clear broken point
- The color of Egyptian angelfish if about five colors, the end of the fin and the tail fin of the Egyptian Altum is red

+ Peruvian angelfish
- Although the fins are tight but still not as tight as the Egyptian angelfish, the stripes are also bold but not close together (tightness between the lines) like the Egyptian altum
- The space between the two main stripes never goes straight down to the abdomen (When young, it can be pulled down to the abdomen, but as it gets older, it becomes more blurred and only extends less than 1/3 from the dorsal fin to the middle near the middle of the body.

Peruvian Altum

- The biggest difference is that there are dots and spots on the body of the Peruvian angelfish

+ Three-striped angelfish

-  While the mouth of the Egyptian angelfish has a broken point, then the 3-stripes has only a slight fracture
- The size of the three-stripe angelfish is up to 3 inches only, not up to 15cm like the Egyptian Altum
- The 3-stripes angelfish color shines a lot of blue, and the Egyptian Altum has many colors such as five colors, and red tail fins
- The selling price of the Egyptian angelfish is about 10-15 times more expensive than the 3-stripes angelfish

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