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where should I start from? The question is very simple but answering this question is not easy at all. There is no shortcuts to success in caring for aquatic plants. Before you start playing aquatics, try to think:

– Do you have time to take care for your aquarium? Many peoples think that all they need is just setting up a tank with all the equipment and tools, then leave it there without changing the water or feeding the tree. This is completely incorrect. Because the tank and aquatic plants must be taken care of regularly and also require the player to be patience. If you don't have time or the aquarium will be added to your burden then forget it.

Aquatic plants need regular care

– Cost for setup: Compared between a fish tank and a plant tank, a plant tank has a higher cost. This cost is just for two main parts:

1. The cost for setup depends on the size, the larger the tank, the higher the cost. This cost includes: tank and legs, lighting system, planting platform, water filtration system, Co2 system, aquatic plants, wood or stone for decoration.

2. The cost for planting trees includes electricity, water, additional nutrition (water fertilizer - stuffing), or money to buy new trees to replace old or dead trees, Co2 recharge, money to buy new bulbs. etc…

– Do you have any experience about nursing and caring for aquarium plants? If you have a little knowledge of aquatic life, let's start doing it in parallel with learning experience. If you don't have it, the best advise for you is please spend time to read more about it before spending money.

The above is easy to do, isn't it? If so, you should also note that growing aquatic plants is not the same as growing terrestrial plants such as scrub trees and fruit trees, etc. Because in an aquarium, it is like a miniature world, you must create balance of the environment in tank. Creating balance also requires equipment. 

So if you want to grow aquatic plants, what to prepare and how to do? Here are the must-haves and must-haves:

- Aquarium tanks for growing plants.
- Plantation of aquatic plants.
- Nutrition (or fertilizer) in a dose just enough to feed the plants.
- Aquarium light.
- Water filtration systems.
- The properties of water are suitable for plants.
- Dose of O2 and CO2.


Translated by Son Nguyen

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