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For all Red fish, we recommend you to feed them red color enhancer food to maintain their beautiful red color. If not, it can fading off a bit

The Red golden diamond Discus is one of the many strains of discus that through genetic mutation have produced a reproducible color variation of the Discus fish. Red golden diamond Discus aquariums should closely resemble their natural Amazonian habitat with plenty of plants and branching root or driftwood. Water parameters should be very consistent with a pH near 6.5 to 7.2, temperature between 80° to 86° Fahrenheit with low to medium water currents. Discus can thrive in a wider range of water parameters as long as the changes are not sudden and the fish has adequate time to adjust to changing parameters. Red golden diamond Discus should not be housed with aggressive or boisterous fish species or in aquariums with intense lighting or strong water currents.