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Copper melanoid axolotls are a unique and visually striking variant of the axolotl species (Ambystoma mexicanum). Axolotls are aquatic salamanders native to Mexico and are known for their regenerative abilities, external gills, and neotenic features, meaning they retain their juvenile characteristics throughout their lives.

The copper melanoid axolotl variety is characterized by its copper-colored skin and a lack of melanin pigmentation, resulting in a pale or white appearance. Melanin is responsible for the dark pigmentation typically seen in axolotls, but in melanoid individuals, this pigment is reduced or absent, leading to their unique coloration.

Axolotls, including copper melanoid axolotls, are highly sought after as pets due to their captivating appearance and interesting behavior. They require an aquatic environment with clean water, proper filtration, and a suitable temperature range (around 60 to 68°F or 15 to 20°C). They are primarily carnivorous, feeding on small aquatic invertebrates, worms, and occasionally small fish.

Like other axolotl variants, copper melanoid axolotls have remarkable regenerative abilities. They can regrow lost limbs, damaged organs, and even parts of their spinal cord. This regenerative capability has made them a popular model organism in scientific research, particularly in the fields of regenerative medicine and developmental biology.

It's important to note that axolotls, including copper melanoid axolotls, require proper care and a suitable habitat to thrive. If you're considering keeping axolotls as pets, it's essential to research their care requirements thoroughly and ensure you can provide them with a suitable environment to support their well-being. At Texas Aqua, we provide the best quality Axolotls for your aquarium. We work closely with local breeder to ensure you take home a fine pet from our store