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Texas Aqua, LLC has always been a family affair driven by a deep love for the aquarium hobby. From childhood age, Son Nguyen has always had a passion for fresh water tropical fish keeping with a special interest in Discus and Angelfish. After working full time for many years in other industries, he decided alongside with his family member to embrace his passion and went into business in the aquarium trade and in 2005 opened "Huynh Gia Ornamental Co., LTD" in Vietnam for keeping and selling discus, angelfish, Flower horn, Shrimp, Betta, Guppy. Huynh Gia Ornamental Co., LTD has since then become a major player and breeder in the aquarium hobby industry in Ho Chi Minh city then south and north Vietnam area providing specialty fresh water tropical fish, import/export, equipment, and aquarium services.

In 2012, Son Nguyen moved to the U.S and started his new journey. He went back to work as an Engineer in a large manufacturing, but Son keeps wishing that he can expand his company to this beautiful country. In 2019, Son decided once again started new venture in what truly him in the hobby when he was child, Discus and Altum Angelfish. After 7 years of learning and researching about the U.S market, Son and his partner (Danh Nguyen is a deep love hobbyist in fresh water fish with more than 20 years experience) created Texas Aqua, LLC  at 11734 Barker Cypress Rd, STE 103 Cypress, Texas 77433. 

After purchasing Discus from many sources in the U.S, it became apparent to Son that he needed to bring fishes from Huynh Gia Ornamental Co., LTD over because they are higher quality compared to what he got from domestic suppliers and also affordable for anyone. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

  When you need healthy, happy fish for your aquarium, Texas Aqua LLC carries a large selection of exotic and tropical fish from our farm and partners around the world. As a locally owned and operated venue, we pride ourselves on the quality of our fish and do our own breeding. We keep the tanks clean and their diets healthy to ensure that you take home a fine pet. We are also a trust online seller on Ebay, Facebook market.

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