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You want a fish tank in your beautiful house but you don't know what tank size you should get. You see a beautiful fish tank somewhere so you want to get one just the same. The short answer is you should not unless you know what to do with it as a beginer

The size of the aquarium you should start with depends on the type and number of fish you plan to keep. In general, it's recommended to start with a larger tank than a smaller one, as it provides a more stable environment and allows for better water quality management. Here are some general guidelines for beginners:

  1. Betta Fish: For a single Betta fish, a minimum tank size of 5 gallons (19 liters) is recommended. Larger tanks provide more swimming space and easier maintenance.

  2. Small Community Fish: If you plan to keep small community fish like guppies, platies, or neon tetras, a tank size of at least 10 gallons (38 liters) is a good starting point. This size allows for a small school of fish and provides better water stability.

  3. Medium-sized Fish: For medium-sized fish like swordtails or larger schooling fish, consider a tank size of 20 gallons (75 liters) or larger. These fish require more swimming space and produce more waste.

  4. Bottom-dwelling Fish: If you're interested in keeping bottom-dwelling fish like Corydoras catfish, a larger tank with a footprint of 20 gallons (75 liters) or more is recommended. These fish appreciate a larger surface area to explore and forage.

Remember, these are general recommendations, and it's always better to provide more space for your fish whenever possible. A larger aquarium not only ensures better water quality but also offers more room for fish to exhibit natural behaviors and reduces the risk of overstocking.

Additionally, make sure to consider the dimensions of the tank. A long tank (also known as a "long" or "rectangular") is generally better than a tall tank, as it provides more swimming space and better oxygen exchange at the water's surface.

Proper filtration, regular maintenance, and monitoring of water parameters are crucial regardless of the tank size. Always research the specific needs of the fish you plan to keep to ensure they have a suitable environment for their well-being.

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