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The Maze Leopard Discus features a striking pattern reminiscent of a leopard's spots, hence its name. This fish strain are from Discus Global Malaysia, 1 of 6 farms from master breeder Winson Lau, which is running by Winson's Son. They hand pick each individual from their familly farms for us. Its base coloration varies from light beige to pale yellow or cream, providing an excellent canvas for the dark, irregularly shaped spots that cover its body. The spots are scattered across the discus, resembling the rosettes found on a leopard's coat. Each individual may display a unique arrangement and density of spots, making them highly sought after by aquarium enthusiasts. Maze Leopard Discus are generally peaceful and sociable fish. They can be kept in a species-specific tank or a community tank with compatible, non-aggressive fish species. Providing ample hiding places, plants, and open swimming space is essential for their well-being. They may form small groups or pairs and exhibit some breeding behaviors when conditions are favorable.